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   "Connecting Thomas Shearman/Sherman, 1760 to father Oliver"


The following pages will attempt to clear the "cobwebs" about "my line" of Sherman's and some of our related families.  The song "Old Bones" performed by the Florida Suncoast String Band, Directed by John Schweizer.


The following pages are about family history & research, of the descendants of the Hon. Philip Sherman to the Shermans of Monmouth County, NJ. (Shrewsbury, Howell & Wall Twps.


“Coat of Arms” of the original Shearman’s.

"A lion sable, rampant, between 3 oak leaves, vertical."


"Conquer death by bravery"

Sherman = Shermen, Shermon, Shearman, Shearmon, Sharman,
Shereman, Sheremen, Shermann, Shermun.

For an explanation of the Sherman Coat of Arms "Click" here.

Information on "Oak leaves versus Holly leaves" in the Sherman Crest. "Click" here.

I have been researching the Sherman name for the last forty years and am now thankful for the Internet to give me a chance to share or exchange this information with others. It is hoped that readers will supply additional information that will help me to expand research on my own line which is Thomas Sherman/Shearman, born: 1760 d: 1840. I am only using information around the area of Philip SHEARMAN, as most everyone researching Shermans is familiar with him. I have more for those interested, going back to Thomas of Dedham, England about 1493.

There are Sherman's of many nationalities and various origins in the United States today. Some are Italian and Jewish families who have anglicized their similarly sounding names into Sherman. Others took the name of Sherman just because they liked it. S. V. Talcott says The Shearman's or Sherman's are of German origin, and was no doubt transferred many centuries ago to the vicinity of London, England, by the Anglo-Saxon emigration, where it still remains numerous.

Roy Vivian Sherman says that it is difficult to trace family records back farther than about 1493 because there are very few records of people of any kind at that time. The name Shearman/Sherman was borne in many parts of England more than six hundred years ago and the name means one who shears worsteds, fustians, etc. It seems that the name comes from the early clothiers, weavers, and workers with cloth.

Everything here is under "construction".

The information in these pages is as correct as I can make it. Remember we are dealing with a lack of information, due to the lack of record keeping, in our past. We all have to make our "best guess" at times using whatever information we can get. So be careful when using anything obtained here. It is not written in stone and may change in the future as I find new information and corrections. Verify and document everything you find. A lot of this information is obtained from others. I hope it is correct and I verify as much as I can.

I have kept the format of these pages the same, from page to page to make it easier to negotiate as you wander through them. Some browsers do not display frames too well. Some of this information can only be found here locally in Freehold, New Jersey and as far as I know it has not seen a team of researchers copying the info and some of the books have been taken off the shelves as they are really being destroyed from handling.

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